Your favourite sports on your mobile device

The application has been specially adapted for multiple mobile platforms. You can use your phone to run a tournament at a high level at any time. The service is even more online now as the tournament can be to a large extent managed by the players.

  • iOs and Android support
  • Good ergonomics for big and small screen devices
  • Best use of space for both organizers and participants
  • Maximum functionality for tournament organizers


Why use our service?

Tournaments of any level is a unique online service for billiard and pool tournament arrangements with minimal effort and not only that.

Instant online coverage of the event

As you start a tournament you have a unique opportunity to inform all players of an up-coming event. You can notify them by email or send a text message.

Extra money from tournaments

You can advertise and promote your sponsors. The ads will be displayed at all stages of the tournament.

Attracting new players and visitors to the club

Using our service to hold your tournament is good chance to tell players about your club. Once you give people a reason to come, then it's just a matter of technique. Welcoming atmosphere and high quality service will do their job making players repeat their visit.

Automatic calculation of player ratings and full control of tournament results

Automatic awarding of ranking points and online tracking of stats with the possibility of printing out. It definitely encourages other visitors of the site not only to take part in tournaments, but to put more efforts into training practice.

Saving time and effort

Thanks to our service you don't need a thorough knowledge of a tournament coordinator's work to be able to hold a tournament. It is easy to use and it is designed in such a way that the information for the up-coming event "goes with the flow" on a step-by-step basis.